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MRI Technician Salary

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A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner is a device that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create images of organs and tissues. A MRI technician is a healthcare professional that is trained and certified to operate MRI equipment. MRI technician salary is very competitive in the United States. MRI technicians are required to attend training from an accredited school and take a final exam before they can become certified.

Average MRI Technician Salary

As of May 2013, the average MRI technician salary was $66,050 per year, or about $32 per hour. MRI technicians earn nearly twice as much as the average worker. That’s what makes this occupation so enticing for many students. With only an associate’s degree, students can begin working in a growing healthcare field, earning a good salary. Request FREE information from MRI technician schools today!

Just like other occupations, MRI technician salary is affected by geographic area. Recruitment, retention, and cost of living are some of the key factors that affect salary. As a result, some areas in the U.S. have higher salaries than others.

Top Paying States

Top Paying States for MRI Technician SalaryMost of the highest paying metropolitan areas for MRI technicians are located on the west coast and north east regions. In 2013 the top 5 highest paying states for MRI technician salary were:

  1. Nevada – $88,140
  2. California – $84,030
  3. Hawaii – $80,500
  4. New Jersey – $77,500
  5. Massachusetts – $76,360

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas for MRI Technician SalaryCalifornia in particular represents the majority of highest paying areas. In 2013 the top 5 highest paying metropolitan areas for MRI technician salary were:

  1. San Jose, CA – $97,090
  2. Oakland, CA – $92,800
  3. Las Vegas, NV – $88,750
  4. San Diego, CA – $87,250
  5. Oxnard, CA – $87,220

Educational Requirements

To become a MRI technician typically requires an associate’s degree. Some MRI technician schools offer certification programs that focus only on the certification requirements. There are also bachelor’s degree programs for students who want to get more in depth knowledge or specialize in a particular area. Some states require that students get their education from an accredited school. Once certified you can begin earning a MRI technician salary. Below are some of the recommended MRI technician schools.

Recommended MRI Technician Schools

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