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One of the main concerns people have when thinking about beginning a new career is the salary that occupation pays. Radiological technicians are a part of the allied health care field and have a comparable salary with other allied health care occupations. There are a variety of imaging-related occupations, within which radiological technicians fall, that have a range of salaries.  Here we will focus on the specific radiology technician salary information.

Average Radiology Technician Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average radiology technician salary in the United States is $55,200 per year, or about $27 per hour, as of May 2013. The field of imaging has a wide range of career options. A radiology technician could potentially reach a higher salary through continued education and career advancement. One possible career path for a radiological technician would be to advance to a Diagnostic Radiological Technologist that specializes in MRI operation.  Some radiology technicians may also specialize in other imaging fields, such as sonography and work as ultrasound technicians.

Salary by Geographic Area

Radiology Technician Salary by StateThere are many different factors that can affect salary.  Probably one of the most important to consider is the cost of living in a specific geographic area.  Salary rates are usually directly related to the cost of living.  When the cost of living is higher, salaries tend to be higher.  The same is true for areas with low cost of living.  The geographic location of a job can greatly impact radiology technician salary. Below are average statistics for states and metropolitan areas.

Top Paying States

Many students choose to move to another state after becoming a certified radiology technician.  In many cases this is because other states have a significantly higher salary than the national average.  Here are the highest paying states for radiology technician salary:

  1. California – $72,030
  2. Alaska – $68,920
  3. Massachusetts – $68,890
  4. District of Columbia – $68,130
  5. Rhode Island – $67,860

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas

California has the highest paying radiology technician salary in the country.  So it’s no wonder that the state totally dominates the metropolitan area statistics as well.  In fact, all of the top 5 areas are in California:

  1. Vallejo, CA – $91,400
  2. Oakland, CA – $89,530
  3. San Jose, CA – $85,550
  4. San Francisco, CA – $84,770
  5. Hanford, CA – $79,420

Radiology Technician Jobs

One of the major fears of new students is whether they will be able to find a job when they graduate.  The radiology technician occupation is experiencing good growth and has a very positive job outlook.  The BLS projects that radiology technician jobs will grow by 21% over the next ten years.  This could result in more than 41,000 new radiology technician jobs across the country.

Radiology Technician Schools

The first step to earning the radiology technician salary is to become certified.  Most radiology technician schools offer associate’s degree programs.  There are also more condensed certificate and diploma programs.  Below we have provided you with a list of recommended radiology technician schools to consider.  We also recommend that you request FREE information from each school before making your final choice.